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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can attend our Kids Camps?

All kids who will be entering SK in the fall of 2017, through those graduating out of grade six this year.

How do the camps work?

From the moment children arrive until they go home, we strive to engage them through imaginative play, sports, drama, arts and crafts, music, outdoor play and more.  Children are placed into multi-aged groups, led by a crew leader.  All activties are planned out for the day, however there are two times a day when the children get 'free time' and they can choose among a number of activities (which change daily), including hockey, soccer, lego, drawing/colouring, nail painting, cup stacks, etc.

Here is an outline of our daily routine.

How is the Christian faith integrated into the camper's daily experience?

 We're not shy about being a Christian Camp!  Our staff is comprised of people who love Jesus and want to provide the best experience possible for anyone who attends our Kids Camps.  We share our Christian faith through daily Bible stories, which may include short discussions, various activities and lively music.  Our staff does not manipulate or coerece in any way, shape or form, any child who parcitipates in our Kids Camps.  We have kids attend from every race, religion and background, and we love the uniqueness this brings to our Kids Camp!

Is a child ever asked to leave?

The safety of our kids is our number one priority.  Our Kids Camps are a safe place that children can come, be accepted, build friendships and have fun.  We pride ourselves for maintaining a bully-proof environment, where every child is treated equally and every child has the same expectations.  At no time is physical aggression tolerated, and should an incident occur, it is handled quickly and effectively through our disciple policy (see below).  In the rare circumstances that a child responds negatively to our intervention, or is posing a harm to themself or others, we will ask a parent to pick them up for the remainder of the day.  Depending on the circumstances, the child may return to Kids Camp the following day with a 'clean slate'.  

Children will also be asked to go home if they are ill.

What is the discipline policy at Kids Camp?

At Kids Camp, we practice a '3 strike rule'.  If poor behaviour is displayed, the child is reminded once of what is expected of appropriate behaviour.  If it happens again, the child is reminded again, but this time is told of the consequence that will follow should it happen again (ie: time out, moving seats, etc).  If the behaviour is repeated again, then the child is given the consequence.  For extreme behaviours, the child may be removed from the room for a short period of time.  In all circumstances, the child is asked to apologize to the one they offended, with the intent of restoring the relationship.  At no time is any child given corporal punishment.  Our staff is trained on how to handle a bad behaviour in a child without damanging their self-worth.

How much does the Kids Camps Cost?
The cost is $100/week or $25/day per child.  We strive to keep the cost of our Kids Camps affordable so everyone is able to attend, (even those families with multiple children), without compromising the quality of our programming! If parents require extended care (8:00am - 4:30pm) it's only an additional $10/week!

Our church congregation donates the majority of the food items we need and our church pays for all of our materials and craft items.  This is how we are able to provide a great day camp experience at an affordable price.  The cost of the camps enables us to hire summer students who spend their summer preparing for and leading our camps.  We strive to not only provide summer employment for these young people, but we also invest in them through training and mentorship.  Our students receive extensive training and are encouraged to use their gifts and talents while learning leadership skills, learn to work with a team and serve the diverse population of children we have attending our camps each day.  

What activities are offered at Kids Camp?

We offer a wide range of activities to suit each child's likes, while giving them the chance to learn new skills or try something new.

Each day, we sing and dance to lively (and catchy!) music, do arts and crafts, participate in an interactive Bible adventures and keep active with daily gym time. Every day, we travel to a local park for outdoor play (or Kingston Park for the splash pad and play equipment).  We also create 'edible art' snacks together in the afteroon, where kids make their snacks and eat together.  Every afternoon, the children have their 'choice' of activity they'd like to participate in.  These range from road hockey, soccer and other 'sports', to building with Lego, table games and colouring to nail painting, science experiments or just plain quiet time.

What about kids with allergies?

We strive to be a 'nut free' facility, but can't guarantee what other children bring in their lunches.  For the safety of children with severe nut allergies, we have a designated lunch room that is staffed by one of our leaders.  A friend or sibling is welcome to join them!  If your child uses an epi-pen, these are stored in a secure area that is easily accessible to camp staff. 
Most of the snack items we serve are donated through our church congregation, so we cannot guarantee that all foods served are from nut-free factories.  We will provide 'nut free' alternative snacks should one of our afternoon snacks pose a risk to a child with a severe allergy. 


What should my child bring to Kids Camp?

We encourage each child to bring the following:
A refillable water bottle
Running shoes for the gym
Appropriate clothing for outdoor play
A bathing suit, towel and sunscreen (for water games and Splash Pad in the summer)
A change of clothing (for younger participants)
A nut-free morning snack and lunch.
We encourage all children to leave their electronic devices at home. 

How are the kids put into groups?

Each group of kids consists of 8-10 children of various ages.  We used mixed-age groups to develop more of a 'family feel', and the older children will often take on a helping role for the younger ones, providing them with opportunities to learn leadership skills.  Having a mix of ages also eliminates competitive behaviour amongst their peers and enhances a 'working together' atmostphere.   Each group has one Crew Leader, which is a college or high school student, and one Jr. Crew Leader, which is usually a child in grade 7 or 8.

Can my child bring a cellphone or other electronic device?

We discourage kids from bringing any expensive items, as we can't be responsible for their safe-keeping.  Our Kids Camps are designed to keep kids active and engaged, so we'd prefer they leave all electronic devices at home.  If you'd like your child to have a cellphone for emergencies, we'd ask they keep the phone in their bag for the duration of camp.  

Can you tell me more about the Camp Staff?

Most of our camp staff consist of College/University and high school students, although there are also adults on site.  All of our staff have been interviewed and screened (Police Background Check) and trained in Abuse Prevention, as well as specific training that relates to Kids Camp that will help kids have the best possible time while ensuring their safety. 


Can my child be with a friend/sibling?

Yes, you'll be asked on the registration form for a name of a special friend your child would like to be with.