Gregory Drive Alliance Church
Sunday services at 9:15am & 11:00am

Grow Groups

Grow Groups (Mark 3:13-19) – After a night of prayer in Mark 3:13-19 Jesus was led to form a disciple making environment with a small group of 12. Jesus shared His daily life with them, inviting them into genuine relationship with Him. To this group Jesus was vulnerable, He taught them the deep truths of His Father’s kingdom, He cared for their needs, encouraged and rebuked them, equipped them in His ministry, creating a culture for growth. (Matthew 14:36-43, 16:17-30, Luke 8:1-3) Eventually these were the few Jesus empowered through the Holy Spirit and released to partner with Him in multiplying maturing disciples.  This is what we envision for our Grow Groups. Small groups that function as spiritual families led by maturing disciples.  Groups that do life together and spur each other on towards maturity in Christ, leading to the multiplication of maturing disciples and the birth of new groups.