Gregory Drive Alliance Church
Sunday services at 9:15am & 11:00am

Go Pairs

Go Pairs (John 21). Jesus in obedience to Father and by the filling of the Spirit drew three disciples closest to Himself (Peter, James, and John).  This disciple making environment was the most intimate and yielded the greatest growth.  Much is written of Jesus’ unique investment in these men and their growth in knowing, becoming like and making Christ known over the three years with Him and in the years following. (Matthew 17:1-3, Mark 5:37-43, 14:33-34, John 21).  This is what we envision for Go Pairs.  Maturing disciples responding to Jesus’ lead and in the power of the Spirit inviting others to “follow me as I follow Christ”.  Discipler’s leading and equipping other disciples in the 3 Season discipleship pattern of Jesus.