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Jesus Changes Everything
Galatians 2:20

Grow Group Leader

Sensing Jesus leading you to start a new Grow Group? Awesome!

A Grow Group is a small group relational environment led by maturing disciples that meet regularly for the purpose of facilitating Christlike growth and reproduction of maturing disciples. Our Grow Groups currently exist in many different expressions, but each group adheres to this purpose.
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  • Key Expectations of a Grow Group Leader
    The Christlike maturity of the Grow Group leadership is essential to their success in facilitating an environment for the Holy Spirit to produce growth in individuals knowing, becoming like and making Jesus known.
  • Are You A Maturing Disciple of Jesus?
  • Will you partner with us?
    Are you currently part of our GDAC family? Are you a member? Do you understand and agree with the vision Jesus has invited us to? Will you commit to attending our Grow Group Team Sessions (3)?
  • Will you commit to the vision for our Grow Group strategy?
    Head: Create an environment for people to grow in knowing Jesus, His voice and His teaching.
    Heart: Create an environment for people to grow in becoming like Jesus, in their character and through connecting with His family.
    Hands: Create an environment for people to make Jesus known, to join Jesus in making disciples with Him.
  • Are you willing to take the Go Pair Discipler Training? (Season 3)
    As a Grow Group leader, we want to equip you to be attentive to those Jesus has placed in your group. The Go Pair Discipler Training is designed to equip you in Jesus' disicple making way.