GROW Groups 2016-17 Feedback

GROW Groups are the second level disciple making environment (GATHER Sundays, GROW Groups, GO Pairs) we as GDAC are using to equip the "Be One. Make One" invitational vision of Jesus. Our groups attempt to resemble Jesus' small group environment which He created with His 12 disciples.

Over the past ministry year many groups have participated in this strategy. This form is intended for those who served as leaders to Connect Groups, Men and Women's Bible Studies and Adult Sunday School during this past ministry year.
  • Head - Christlike Mind (1 Cor 2:16). Having the mind of Christ means that we have access to Christ's thoughts by the Holy Spirit. As we mature we have increased spiritual wisdom and a deeper understanding of all the Jesus taught.
  • Heart - Christlike Attitude (Phil 2). As we mature what we know causes change in our character. Our attitudes, priorities, and perspective change. Christ's foundational attitude is humility. Out of this attitude flows the Holy Spirit. We grow in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and self control.
  • Hands - Christlike Actions (John 14:12). As our minds and attitudes become conformed to Christ so do our actions. The mature offer their bodies as living sacrifices. They offer their abilities, gifts to serve in Jesus' mission of making disciples. Maturing disciples act like Jesus would in their jobs, school, home, in all they do.